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Saturday July 20, 2024

TetherFilter Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Appliance Solutions

Tethernetís TetherFilter offers a complete anti spam and anti-virus solution in an easy to deploy appliance. With accurate anti-spam technology, near-zero administration and simple deployment TetherFilter can effectively stop the deluge of spam and viruses into your email system.

The right solution and price for your business, large or small, starting at $749. Tethernetís new TetherFilter 50 breaks the price barrier for anti-spam and anti-virus appliances. For more information please visit our products page or read our press release.

TetherFilter employs our unique anti-spam technology which focuses on email formatting and protocol violations, which means more spam is caught and fewer false positives. Quick and easy to deploy, TetherFilter gives your users less spam and reliable email delivery.

TetherFilter is your solution to a more secure network. Our anti-spam appliance provides you with a simple, drop-in rack-mount server to provide an email firewall for your email server, protecting it from malicious spam attacks. Providing an enterprise-class solution for business of all sizes, TetherFilter employs our custom, multi-tiered filtering approach to catch and quarantine over 96% of spam email traffic.


The TetherFilter anti-spam appliances are designed with one task: stop spam from hitting your network. Features include:

  • 15 minute installation into your existing infrastructure
  • No modifications to your email server are required
  • Ensures proper delivery of legitimate email
  • Effectively blocks spam with a custom anti-spam engine
  • Prevents dangerous and costly viruses from infiltrating your network
  • Removes unwanted attachments
  • Works alongside existing anti-spam technologies you may already have deployed
  • Reduces load on your mail server by blocking junk email before it gets to your server
  • Provides an easy to use web interface for management
  • Allows end-users to access without administrator intervention
  • Is affordable with no per-user licensing costs
  • A solid email firewall at a reasonable price

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TetherScan Dedicated Email Anti-Virus Appliance

Tethernet announces the availability of our new dedicated email anti-virus appliance, the TetherScan 100. Designed to deploy quickly and easily in front of any existing Internet email solution, the TetherScan 100 is the perfect solution to stop dangerous and destructive email-based viruses from entering your network. For more information please visit our products page or read our press release.


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