Anti-Spam Technology
TetherFilter incorporates custom algorithms designed to determine the source of electronic mail messages and, with a high degree of accuracy, judge whether they are legitimate. By using content-free technology, TetherFilter does not exhibit the same false positive characteristics of most current anti-spam solutions. And clearly, improperly marking legitimate messages in the electronic equivalent of a garbage can can render a spam worthless to an organization. Specific methods include:

  • Email format checking
  • Real-time black lists
  • Algorithms for detecting automated bulk e-mailing software

TetherFilter also allows system administrators and individual users, who are enabled by the system administrator, to define a sequence of rules to customize TetherFilter behavior. System Administrators can extend default behavior to look for inappropriate, confidential, or potentially dangerous electronic mail messages on the network. The open architecture defined in TetherFilter gives system administrators the ability to dynamically change behavior when high priority emergencies emerge. And throughout the simple and clean web based interface, Tethernet has produced a compelling and powerful tool to remove unwanted mail from your e-mail server. There is no longer any excuse for unwanted electronic mail messages.

Anti-Virus Technology
TetherFilter and TetherScan use advanced virus scanning techniques to keep harmful viruses out of your network. Free automatic updates ensure you always have the latest virus definitions.

Hardened Operation System
Tethernet appliances use a customized version of the Linux operating system. This operating system is optimized for our application and is secured to prevent attacks from the Internet. By only running the necessary system services many potential points of attack are eliminated.

Onboard Spam Storage
Tethernet appliances store all quarantined email on the appliance itself. This takes load of of the primary mail server's storage systems, keeping it from being overloaded with junk email. This feature is not available on the TetherFilter 50.

By combining the hardware and the software in one package Tethernet can provide the tightest integration possible between hardware and software. Since the system comes pre-installed you avoid the time and trouble of configuring the hardware, installing an operating system and the application. No compatibilities issues, no worries

Easy Administration
Tethernet products are designed from the ground up to be the easiest systems to set up and install into your network. By providing intelligent defaults these systems are nearly ready to go out of the box. Our software walks you through the basic configuration and gets you up and running fast. Within 15 minuets of taking the system out of the box you can see the flow of viruses and spam into your network come to a halt.

Additionally, we realize that one of the most costly parts of any system is the ongoing system administration required. That is why Tethernet systems require almost zero on-going maintenance. Automatic user account creation, automatic virus definition updates and software updates keep your system running smoothly without your interaction. A simple to use web interface lets you offload time consuming tasks, such as special exception rule creation, to the end users themselves. They have the control they want, and you don't have to be involved in every change, unless you choose to.

View screen shots of the TetherFilter web interface

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